Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Arctic Fox Hair Dye Review

Hello Wonderlandians,

As you can see from the title post, I will be reviewing the Arctic Fox hair dyes. Just as a disclaimer, I did purchase all these colors on my own and I was in no way asked to write this review. I am writing this review based on the results of using 4 of the colors (Purple Rain, Violet Dream, Poseidon, and Aquamarine).

I had originally purchased only Purple Rain and Violet Dream (as you may already know, if you read the previous posts). I loved the color so much I decided to just get them all and play to my hearts content with all their colors. 

L-R: Virgin Pink, Poison, Wrath, Violet Dream, Purple Rain, Poseidon, Aquamarine, and Arctic Mist
This post is an attempt to let you know all about the product and the experiences I have had with them. I am by no means a hair dyeing expert, but I'd like to think I learned a bit in my experiences.

The ordering process if very simple you go to their website and select the shade you want, it will then provide you with a drop box asking if you want the 4oz or the 8oz.

You then add the number of bottles you would like into your basket and repeat for the different shades you order.

4oz = $7.99
8oz = $13.99

The pricing I think is very reasonable, considering that you are typically paying the $13.99 price for the 4oz size. Or at least that has been my experience.
This is Purple Rain and the stages of it fading out

Alice Points:
-PIGMENTATION!!! This dye is amazingly pigmented, you can probably have this is in for 5min and get a good color payoff.
-It smells amazing! The appealing scent is such a plus on my scale, I have a very sensitive nose and harsh smells (like bleach or toner) make my head hurt after a while. These dyes have some of the most amazing smell ever!! I've used the dye on both myself and a friend and we both seem to agree that it smells like berries or grape.
-Easy to use, the directions are very straight forward and you can do it yourself, although I highly recommend having a friend help :)

Red Queen Points:
-Beware the staining! Because of the intense pigmentation of these dyes, be ready to do some major cleanup after you wash out your hair. My friends bathtub has a purple sheen to it now.

Mad Hatter Points:
-Their website states that is also conditions your hair and restores vibrancy. It certainly doesn't damage the hair and while the colors do provide vibrancy... I don't think it did too much for my hair...Granted keep in mind that, I have put my hair through some extensive bleaching (very controlled).
Poseidon mixed with a small bit of Purple Rain and Aquamarine on the ends

Lasting Power
The lasting power of these dyes is amazing, but I have only used: Purple Rain, Violet Dream, Poseidon, and Aquamarine so far...

Purple Rain: This color stayed  in a good solid month As it faded it also turned into a gorgeous magenta/purple color (much like what Violet Dream looks like). This color lasted me about a month and a half. I washed my hair every third day.

Violet Dream: This color didn't last as long, but it did fade out nicely. It faded out to a nice pink and then turned almost silver/pink. I used a very small amount of this product and therefore don't feel like I can give you my best impression of this color.

Poseidon: This color seems to be fading out much quicker (I'm on week 2), but I think there are other factors to consider. First I am washing my hair a little more frequently every other day or every second day, because it is getting rather warm in California and I can't stand the heat, so I shower more to cool off, and that includes washing my hair, because it gets oilier faster. I also think the dry shampoo that I am using is making it fade....

Aquamarine: This is the color I have currently at the ends of my hair. The color is staying on amazingly!!! It hasn't faded. I don't use dry shampoo on my ends, this is what is leading me to believe that my dry shampoo is somehow making Poseidon fade...

All in all I am in love with this product and I am excited to try all the other colors I got!!! Until next time!

Yours Truly,

Abstract Alice

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